Aug 272016
BAC 1981 Show Poster, Paul Davis

1981 Lincoln Center poster designed by Paul Davis

At this point, the Big Apple Circus has fallen short of the funding we needed for the Save the Circus campaign so that it looks like we will not be able to open a new show at Lincoln Center as planned in October. It’s the first time in 36 years that we will be unable to do that. Every year since 1981 the Big Apple Circus big top has been put up in Damrosch Park. Lincoln Center won’t be the same during the holiday season without the circus.

Many of us are not yet willing to give up. It’s truly a matter of the finances, so we’re continuing to do what we can to continue this wonderful New York City tradition.

One thing that I can tell you is that my father used to tell me, “Paul, I’ve never seen you give up.”

Paul and Michael at first LC BAC

Michael Christensen and Paul Binder clowning in the first Lincoln Center production
photo by Linda Rivero

  4 Responses to “A Big Apple Circus Update from Paul”

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  1. Never give up Paul Binder.

  2. that’s the right opinion Paul,
    we send you our best positive energies from Thailand.
    wish BAC will continue again.
    best Theo & Pawinee

  3. So… The tent is being put up somewhere accessible and reasonably priced this year? Lincoln Center is a failing model, looking at the past ten years of the organization. Why not set up in the same site as other circuses when they come through the Nyc area? (Universoul? Ringling?)

    I love the circus and am a big fan of BAC… just not a big fan of the elitist “has to be midtown” attitude.

    (Also – why not more American artists? Save money on travel and visas! Why not skip your $100,000 paycheck this year? Put your money where your mouth is!!)

  4. Thanks, Paul!

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