Jun 122014

If you have the opportunity to go see Much Ado About Nothing in Central Park, do it. And if you don’t have the time, consider making some. It’s a wonderful production well worth waiting in line for tickets (… or paying someone to wait in line for you). I saw Much Ado last night and […]

Jun 062014

Almost two months ago, I was invited to a “dinner and going away party” for a couple of friends. Bradley Jones coordinated and would host the party in celebration of his colleague Donna, an eminent psychologist. Donna, who was retiring, was headed to California with her husband Don. The gathering was arranged so everyone could […]

Jun 022014

On my brief trip to Montreal this past weekend, I was thrilled to be invited to attend two performances by the National Circus School in Montreal (L’École Nationale de Cirque). These were presented at TOHU, the wonderful permanent circus performance space. The National Circus School is the largest school in the Americas devoted to circus […]