Jun 302017

I spent this past weekend at Circus Flora in St. Louis. A simply lovely show, filled with special highlights, and outstanding performers. It was well worth the trip!

Here is the show statement from the Circus Flora program:

Imagine that you could travel through time. Would you go back to relive historic events? Would you try to change history?  What if you could alter the course of your own life?  Now imagine you had the grace, power, and beauty of an acrobat or an aerialist.  Circus Flora’s all new production will use the timeless art of circus to explore the fabric of time.

On the High Wire (sitting in the chair) is Tino Wallenda, patriarch of The Flying Wallendas. Walking on the High Wire with Tomas Wallenda Cortes on his shoulders is Alex Wallenda. The juggler with hoops and umbrellas is Kyle Driggs, who I first saw at the Paris circus festival, Festival du Cirque de Demain.  The juggler with the cigar boxes balanced on his chin is Adam Kuchler. The lady with the “Big and Little” horse act is Cassidy Herriot…she is a team with veteran horse trainer Heidi Herriot (her mom).

Featured annually in Circus Flora is the acrobatic team from Circus Harmony. The kids were remarkable as the dove into each others arms and even performed a “passing leap.”

My thanks to Artistic Director, Jack Marsh, Show director (and old friend) Cecil Mckinnon, Equestrian Advisor, Laura Carpenter Balding, Circus Harmony Director (and original Big Apple Circus performer) Jessica Hentoff. Musical Director and Composer Janine Del’Arte and old friend Hovey Burgess. And a salute to new Executive Director Larry Mabrey and the Circus Flora Board of Directors.