Nov 052013

Ladies and gentleman, the reviews are in! According to Laurel Graeber of the New York Times, the new Big Apple Circus show Luminocity can entertain both “a rambunctious toddler” and “a jaded grown-up.”  Joe Dziemianowicz of the New York Daily News calls the show “bright and lively.” Read the full reviews here and here.  So don’t just […]

Oct 012013

As I mentioned in my last blog entry, I was lucky enough to watch a few dress rehearsals of the new Big Apple Circus show Luminocity. They’ve taken this show on the road to Dulles, Virginia, where I’m sure they’ve already wowed audiences with the beautiful acrobatic feats, exciting animal performances, eye-popping juggling acts, and […]

Jun 082011

About 10 years ago, I’d had the wonderful experience of narrating Carnival of the Animals with the Boston Pops Orchestra for a children’s concert. In the same year I played the very small part of the evil ringmaster in The Little Orchestra Society’s Babar, in New York. I was extremely good at that role, using […]