Aug 032016

It’s become a tradition for the Dartmouth class of ‘63 to have a mini-reunion every August in conjunction with Tanglewood on Parade in Lenox, MA. Seeing and listening to the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Pops Orchestra is a truly wonderful experience every year. This year they performed a contemporary piece called “Night Train […]

Aug 102015

Last week, I drove up to Lenox, Mass. with my sweetheart and partner, Shelley Doctors for a Dartmouth class of ‘63 mini-reunion and to see (and hear) the incomparable Tanglewood on Parade Gala Concert. The Tanglewood Shed is enormous, with a capacity of over 5,500. In addition, thousands more sit outside on the grass. Tanglewood […]

Jun 082011

About 10 years ago, I’d had the wonderful experience of narrating Carnival of the Animals with the Boston Pops Orchestra for a children’s concert. In the same year I played the very small part of the evil ringmaster in The Little Orchestra Society’s Babar, in New York. I was extremely good at that role, using […]