May 152014


I spent this past Saturday morning and afternoon in Boston at the AARP National Event. And before anyone asks, I want to assure you all that I was not the youngest person there.

My wonderful partner, Shelley, and I drove to Boston on Friday, and fortunately for us, the weather held up for the drive. (I can’t say that the weather was as nice on the drive home, though, so she did a lot of the driving.) On Friday evening, Shelley and I had a fabulous visit with our friends the Novacks.

The convention on Saturday at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center was jam-packed full of luminaries. Among the many were Jay Leno, Laura Bush, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Russell, and my favorite, Linda Ronstadt.

And then, of course, little old me. During my hour at a table, I signed a whopping 74 copies of my book Never Quote the Weather to a Sea Lion. It was great meeting so many people who wanted to read it.

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