Nov 272013

This week, many of us will be heading into the kitchen to prepare a meal for our families and friends. I myself am no great chef, but every year around Thanksgiving I’m reminded of the time I worked for one.  The following excerpt is from my book Never Quote The Weather to A Sea Lion… (available […]

Nov 192013

Last week I attended the annual New York Landmarks Conservancy’s Living Landmarks Gala.  I’m humbled to be a part of this truly prestigious list, which includes public figures, entertainers, writers, politicians, and activists (all New Yorkers!) who’ve changed the shape of music, dance, literature, food, television news, movies, criticism, public service…the list goes on and […]

Nov 052013

Ladies and gentleman, the reviews are in! According to Laurel Graeber of the New York Times, the new Big Apple Circus show Luminocity can entertain both “a rambunctious toddler” and “a jaded grown-up.”  Joe Dziemianowicz of the New York Daily News calls the show “bright and lively.” Read the full reviews here and here.  So don’t just […]