Jan 052011

Sandi Ippolito writes:

Mr. Paul

Hello. Happy NEW YEARS! On a episode of “Circus” you said a great quote by Walter Cronkite, but I was unable to find it online. I re watched all the episodes on PBS.org but could not locate the clip. The quote was something like, “It’s been a season of all seasons…events of our lives?…” I think it was either in episode 5 or 6 in NY. I would really love to know the full quote. I really appreciate your time.

Sandi Ippolito
Los Angeles, Calif.

Here’s my answer:


Thanks for the inquiry.  The quote that I was paraphrasing was from an early live TV show on CBS, “You Are There.”  “It was a day like all days, filled with the events that alter and illuminate our times and…you were there.”  It became: “It was a season like all seasons, filled with the events that alter and illuminate our times and…you were there.”

I hope you enjoyed the documentary series.


Sandi confirmed that she did indeed enjoy it.

Walter Cronkite was a regular at the Big Apple Circus.  His first visit stands out.  He was sitting in a box seat with his family and there was a great deal of backstage buzz…”Walter Cronkite is here….”  Katja Schumann, who was from Denmark and had grown up in the Circus Building in Copenhagen, not in the USA asked: “Who is Walter Cronkite?”  I explained that he was called the “most trusted man in America.”

I told her that he had delivered the evening news every weekday night and anchored many major news events, probably  The most joyous and exciting was live camera coverage of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, the saddest, the death of President Kennedy. I took Katja to the side curtain and pointed him out

“Oh, that man” she said, “I  know him, he always came to the building in Copenhagen with John Ringling North.”

Walter Cronkite confirmed what Katja had said when he came backstage after the show and greeted her like he was her favorite uncle. After all he had watched her grow up.

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