Paul's Scrapbook

Street Jugglers Michael and Paul (c.1975). Michael Christensen is a great partner.

Program cover from our first season 1977

One of the first shows as Mr. Paul and Mr. Stubbs

Our First Big Top 1977

Our 2nd Big Top  1980

Our 3rd Big Top  1992

Paul Newman with Vanessa Thomas

That's Paul Newman, myself and the Rios Brothers

The clown on the upper right is Paul Newman

Candice Bergen, Chloe Malle meet the Bison A-Ya-Na Katja Schuman is on the left

Candice Bergen and Cowboy Mr. Paul

Robin Williams on Anna May

Katja Schumann, myself , Max Binder, Katherine Binder on Temudschen

Henny Youngman with Grandma, Taso Stavrakis, clown Gordoon (Jeff Gordon)

Backstage with Barney

My "bossman" look in front of  "Play On" Set

An annual tent blessing (L to R) Fr.Jerry Hogan, myself, Dominique Jando, Michael Christensen

French Clown Francesco (Francis Brunaud) We worked in Nouveau Cirque de Paris together in 1976