Comic Gilbert Gottfried with Maria Parra and Grandma (Barry Lubin)

Tommy Tune is the tall fellow on the upper left

Grandma and Mr.Paul

Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden

That's Chris Meloni ("Law and Order SVU")
and Sherman Meloni

That's Renee Fleming between Maria Parra and Grandma

The three younger ladies are (L to R) Paula Garces, Donna Distefano & Milena Govich

Mayor Mike Bloomberg. On the far left is Chris Wearing

Mayor Bloomberg with Mr. Stubs (Michael Christensen) applauding

Mr. Paul, Bob Friedman, Meredith Vieira, Carrie Harvey and Grandma

Mary Jane Brock enjoying my top hat along with Mr. Stubbs, Chris Wearing, Meredith Vieira and Alan Slifka

Here's Meredith telling her kids that she's going to be a clown

Carrie Harvey, Mr. Stubbs, Chris Meloni, Mr. Paul, Grandma

Clown Dr. Ditzy (Merdith Vieira) and Ringmaster Mr. Chris (Chris Meloni)

Mr. Stubbs (Michael Christensen) Dr. Ditzy (Meredith Vieira) Mr. Chris (Chris Meloni) and Mr. Paul

Meredith goofing with BAC Board Chair, Chris Wearing